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Dr. Schindler was an assistant professor of Environmental Ethics at UCSC.  As a young professor of environmental ethics, Craig was mentored by renowned scientists and environmentalists like Dr. Ken Norris, Dr. Dick Cooley and Dr. Paul Niebanck.  The Environmental Studies faculty at UCSC recognized that to restore the Earth, we must bring together the science of ecology with environmental ethics and the moral leadership to save our planet. The core insight of ecology is that humans and all living systems are interdependent. Thus as we drive numerous species to extinction we undermine the ecosystems that sustain us and increase the momentum toward our own human extinction.  Craig has designed and taught courses in Ecology and Ethics; Environmental Ethics and Social Justice; Wisdom And Eco-Psychology; Ecology and Reverence For Life; Comparative Religion and Stewardship for the Earth.  His courses and work in environmental ethics seek to inspire hope and action embodied by leaders like John Muir, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall, E.O. Wilson and Paul Hawken.

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