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Dr. Craig Schindler is a speaker, trainer, consultant and facilitator for many organizations, professional associations, national dialogues, corporations and government agencies.  Here is a partial list:


  • National LIT Conference (Leadership Intensive Training; 7 years)

  • Bureau of Land Management & ten government agencies, San Diego, CA

  • The U.S. Forest Service, Sacramento, CA (7 years)

  • Hewlett Packer and Agilent Technologies, Silicon Valley

  • Mitsubishi Electric National Sales Force Convention, Tahoe, CA

  • Dialogue on Understanding Across Race and Creed, Auburn, NY

  • National Association of Humanistic Psychologists, Chicago, IL

  • Bureau of Community Development, Portland, OR

  • Arizona State Association of Social Workers, Phoenix, AZ

  • Dialogue on The Environment And Economy, San Francisco, CA

  • California State Convention of Family Custody Mediators, Monterey, CA

  • Oregon State School Psychologists, Portland, OR

  • Physicians For Social Responsibility Leadership Training, Wilmington, DE

  • National Dialogue on Reducing The Risks of Nuclear War and Protecting National Security, Los Alamos NM

  • P.S.R. Stanford Symposium: “Prescriptions For Prevention”

  • National Convention of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Chicago Il

  • California State Psychological Association, Los Angeles, CA

  • Oklahoma School Psychologist Association, Oklahoma City, OK

  • Dialogue on Understanding Across Race and Creed, Riverside, CA

  • Trinity Forum On Peace And International Security, Santa Fe, NM

  • Office of the Mayor, Portland, OR

  • Leadership Sunnyvale, CA

  • Leadership Palo Alto, CA

  • Leadership Mountain View, CA

  • Physicians For Social Responsibility National Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

  • College Republicans and Democrats, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

  • National Women’s Conference on Peace, Stanford, CA,

  • Trinity Forum on Global Peace & Security, Las Vegas, NM

  • National Bahia Convention,

  • National Summit on Health Care, Washington D.C.

  • Denver Business Forum, Denver, CO

  • University Of Wisconsin Statewide Teacher Training, Madison, WI.

  • United Nations Peace Day, Santa Cruz, CA, (keynote speaker, 12 years)

  • The International Council Grove Conference, Council Grove KA

  • Dominican Hospital physicians, nurses, and board members, Monterey, CA

  • The Brain/Mind Consciousness Forum on The Nature Of Consciousness, UCSC

  • Conference on the Arts And Climate Action, Santa Cruz, CA

  • National Summit on Mental Health & Mental Fitness: Building A Culture Of Peace, Denver, CO

  • Coaching senior management from Silicon Valley including: Apple, Google, Intuit, Oracle, Netflix and many others

  • Numerous talks to environmental and human rights groups, churches & other faith communities, and human potential organizations.

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