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Dr. Craig Schindler is a long-time student and teacher of the great wisdom traditions. He trekked in the Himalayas and studied mindfulness meditation with the Tibetan lamas.  Transformative psychology is based upon our enduring wisdom traditions, humanistic and depth psychology, and emerging neuroscience. Transformative psychology recognizes that when we center in the witness or observing self, we can rise above ego (small self) and transform our destructive patterns. Thus from the witness (big Self) we are able to develop practices to transform our lives and to help transform our world toward greater compassion. Craig teaches courses on wisdom leadership, transformative psychology, inner peace and mindfulness, compassionate action and the global ethic of respect for self, others and all life.

Dr. Schindler has been a Guest Lecturer in Psychology and Religion at UCSC for 20 years, as well as in the Brain/Mind Consciousness Program at UCSC. Dr. Schindler has also developed and teaches THE WISDOM INTENSIVE: Leadership for A More Compassionate Self and World, and other courses on wisdom and transformative psychology, mindfulness and inner peace, conflict resolution, and compassionate leadership for the Great Turning.


Dr. Craig Schindler specializes in:

  • Coaching Individuals, Couples, & Organizations

  • Counseling for Personal & Professional Development

  • Facilitating Skillful Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Teaching Wisdom Leadership, Mindfulness & Compassion

  • Author & Speaker for The Great Turning

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