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Dr. Schindler is a long-time student of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on nonviolent conflict resolution and he taught the courses on Satyagraha (soul-force), and nonviolence at Stanford.  With Theo Brown and Dr. Gary Lapid (co founders of Project Victory), Dr. Craig has pioneered innovative methods for communication, mediated dialogue and conflict transformation.  They have applied these methods to create dialogues on issues concerning the future of life on Earth, including the environment and climate change, war and weapons of mass destruction, national security and global peace, human rights and dignity, health and wellbeing.  He has worked with individuals and couples, as well as national organizations, corporations and agencies to develop skills for empathy and effective nonviolent communication, and to resolve conflicts for mutual gain.


Dr. Schindler is co-founder and president of Project Victory that has facilitated national dialogues on issues concerning humanity’s future; pioneered methods of conflict resolution and mediated dialogue; and trained 30,000 in persona leadership and conflict resolution skills. As president of Project Victory, he has helped to organize and facilitate national dialogues with leaders of diverse views on reducing the risks of nuclear war, peace and security, the environment, interfaith cooperation, health and wellbeing, and understanding across race and creed.  

Dr. Schindler also helped to develop and conduct the National Interfaith Dialogue in Washington D.C. with religious leaders from diverse faiths; the conflict management training for U.S. Navy and Marine Chaplains at 12 military sites around the world; and the National Dialogue on Race with 10,000 diverse citizens in 165 cities across the U.S. to listen and work together.

Dr. Craig Schindler’s book, The Great Turning, with Dr. Gary Lapid, was called a win/win masterpiece, translated into German and Russian, and used as a guide for peacemaking and conflict resolution in countries around the world.


Dr. Craig Schinder and Dr. Gary Lapid, authors of the Great Turning.

Craig with Justice O. Thomas Johnson at the International Peace Palace and World Court in The Hague


"A visionary but not unreasonable technique, tested by extensive experience, for negotiation that is as powerful as it is novel."

Dr. Louis Rosen, former director, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM


"Extremely relevant to all professionals involved with conflicts at any level. The ideas and strategies discussed will have immediate impact on how I work in the schools."

Oregon School Psychologists Association


"Superb conflict resolution guides…excellent & moving, perfect modeling of concepts, helpful and applicable to many situations… Exciting on two levels: application within personal realm and building a better world… the best presentation of all."

Leadership Palo Alto, CA


"Project Victory has developed a way for all of us to dramatically increase our conflict management skills. Their approach is the most effective I have ever seen."

Director, Santa Clara Manufacturing Group, Environmental Programs, CA


"Very positive… Participants learned new techniques to help overcome the fear of conflict which often characterizes interaction between community representatives and government.  The training provided tools that participants could apply immediately to their jobs."

Director, Bureau of Community Development, Portland OR


"The methods you employ for the resolution of conflict have certainly gained my respect…What I participated in and saw I thought was very good… and has exciting potential."

Former U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, NM


"Outstanding.  Best training for teachers on conflict resolution I have ever taken."

Fitch Mountain School Teachers & Staff, Santa Rosa CA.

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