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  • Dr. Craig F. Schindler

Choose Hope, You Matter!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Dr. Craig Schindler

Art by Elijah

Dr. Craig Schindler’s new book, CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER: Live Your Light & Rise For The Great Turning – is a guide to fulfill your greater purpose for a more compassionate self and world. It is a call to awaken from our trance and help ignite a love-based, worldwide rising to restore Earth and create peace. Drawing upon humanity’s enduring wisdom and emerging neuroscience, the book is a roadmap for how each of us can make a difference through our intentional practice. It addresses the need to evolve self and humanity toward empathy, awareness and social intelligence. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed the essence of this call: “Our goal is to create the Beloved Community and this will require an inner change in the quality of our soul and an outer change in the quantity of our compassionate action. The book offers the Soul-Action Practice to deepen the inward change of mindfulness and inner peace and the outward change of compassionate action with kindness, justice and stewardship for all life. To learn more visit

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