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  • Dr. Craig F. Schindler

The Great Turning

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Dr. Craig Schindler is the author of THE GREAT TURNING with Dr. Gary Lapid. They coined the term “The Great Turning” that has spread around the world to describe the leap of consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and thrive. THE GREAT TURNING offers a positive, unifying vision of how we can create “a new era of human dignity, environmental restoration and lasting peace. ” It provides tools and innovative methods for personal leadership, mediated dialogue, effective communication and conflict transformation. It was published in the U.S., Germany, and translated into Russian. Called a win/win masterpiece, THE GREAT TURNING was used in many countries as a guide for conflict resolution and peacemaking. The Great Turning is both the individual awakening to the light of the soul and the spiritual emergence of humanity. It is the shift from our war-weary adolescence as a human species to our conscious adulthood. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. described this vision as the Beloved Community and the Dalai Lama calls it the Revolution of Compassion. To learn more visit

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